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We love dogs

We’re a small rural business, and we love to be outdoors with our dogs, so we’re in tune with their needs. They love to splash through muddy puddles, rush through long grass, and shake themselves dry.


And so our products are designed to give you and your dog the maximum fun out of life.

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H&B resin pet ID tags  & BioThane (1).jpg
It has to be beautiful as well as functional

Our collars and leads come in every imaginable colour, from country greens to bright urban reds. They’re also super comfy - and tough enough to take everything your dog will throw at them.

Protecting the environment

Our collars and leads are vegan, while the flowers for our beautiful collar ID jewellery come from our garden or from local suppliers.


And while your slumbering dog might not know it, our beds are filled with material that’s been spun from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and which would otherwise go to landfill. They fully meet the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).


Similarly, the lovely upholstery-grade fabrics that cover our beds and soft bone toys come from excess and end-of-season material that would normally be destined for landfill.


Your order will come in eco-friendly, recycled, and recyclable packaging. And, to give back to nature, each item comes with a wildflower seed card for you to plant and enjoy.

Small-batch craft

Rather than import standardised products from China, we handcraft our collars, leads, tags and household items in house. We're proud to partner with a local, family-owned business to make our beds, and dog walking bags

Powder Blue Summer Bundle Hound and Blossom
Printed BioThane Collars Hound and Blossom Pride
Dedicated to our craft

We love what we do, and personally design everything we sell. We don’t market anything we wouldn’t want our own dogs to use.


And our design workshop has lots of ideas in development – which is why you’ll see new products appearing regularly on our website.

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