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Our Story

Hi there! I'm Sophia, and my journey with Hound and Blossom began while recovering from Covid-19 in late 2021. During that time, I discovered a passion for creating unique dog tags, jewellery, and bookmarks, using pressed flowers and resin. This newfound love inspired the name of our business, Hound&Blossom. Now, a year later – and with help from Mum, Dad and the encouragement of our dog-loving community, H&B has flourished into a thriving small business. We take pride in offering a range of on-trend, hand-crafted essentials for both dogs and their humans.

Hound & Blossom - Sophia
Handpressed H&B flowers

Hand-crafted with love

I absolutely love all things creative, and the process of gathering fallen flowers from our garden, pressing them, and preserving them in our hand-crafted pieces brings me immense joy.


Located in the picturesque English countryside near Wells, the smallest and fairest city in Britain, we are deeply connected to nature and highly aware of the challenges it faces. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating hand-crafted, eco-friendly essentials for both hounds and homes that not only look great but feel good, all while being as kind to the planet as possible.

Protecting the environment

Reducing our impact on the world around us is a core value we hold dear. To achieve this, we prioritise the use of recycled, repurposed, and natural fabrics in our creations. Many of our products are not only stylish and durable but also sustainable. Everything we offer is meticulously designed in-house, ensuring that each item is both beautiful and useful. We carefully hand-pick fabrics and pour our love and attention into crafting each piece.

The future is bright…it’s a mother and daughter partnership!

Today, H&B is very much a mother and daughter partnership. We have listened closely to our dog-loving community and our cherished H&B friends, allowing us to expand our offering to meet their needs. So, in addition to our unique collar ID jewellery, we now offer a small and stylish collection of hand-crafted dog leads, collars, beds, coats, and dog walking bags. Every item is still thoughtfully designed and crafted to seamlessly blend style and functionality.

Sophia & Amanda - Hound & Blossom
Hound & Blossom - Biothane Collar & Lead
Join the Pack

Our dog-loving community has become our cherished H&B pack, inspiring us every step of the way. We delight in receiving their news and pictures, which serve as a constant source of joy and motivation. So, if you share our passion for dogs and the planet, please let us know by subscribing here to be part of the H&B family. We would be thrilled to connect with you and hear your stories.


This is also the place to keep up to date with our latest designs, creations, and innovations. Not to mention, you’ll get first paws on member-only offers, reserved especially for our subscribers.

Heartfelt Gratitude

We cannot express enough gratitude for the support we have received as a mother and daughter team. Your encouragement and enthusiasm have played a pivotal role in our creative journey. Thank you for joining us on the H&B adventure and for supporting our mission to create stunning, sustainable products for our furry friends, their humans and their homes.

Much love,


Sophia & Amanda

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